The Brass Monocle | Trend Report: Gold
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Trend Report: Gold

  • gold Thom Browne frame

Trend Report: Gold

Gold Fever
Noun: Contagious excitement of gold rush.

Contagious excitement is exactly how we feel at the moment with all these new gold frames coming in.

Current trends right now are bright and shiny and gold, everything from 12-carat to 22-carat yellow or white gold.  Some frames are all gold, and some are more classic and mixed with black tortoise, or navy.

With fall right around the corner, gold goes great with ANYTHING.  It just adds a bright pop to whatever you are wearing.  You can even mix it with your silver jewelry.  Yes, you can mix silver and gold together, answering that age-old question.

Looking at all the fashion magazines for fall, gold is a HOT HOT HOT trend, and glasses are no exception.