The Brass Monocle | Frame Spotlight: ROLF Spectacles
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Frame Spotlight: ROLF Spectacles

Frame Spotlight: ROLF Spectacles

Wooden eyewear isn’t a new concept. In fact, it’s something we’re seeing more and more of in the marketplace. But, 100% wood, all handmade and a company thats dedicated to the small details? Well thats definitely not something were seeing a lot of. Rolf Eyewear is just this: A small family-run company based in Tirol, Austria focused on the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade wooden eyewear.

ROLF’s humble beginnings all started in their family home and through dedication and support from both family and friends, to the industry, they are now regarded as pioneers in hand-made wood, stone and wood combinations, and horn eyeglass frames.

The ROLF wooden eyewear is produced completely without any metal parts or screws, and it is very easy-care thanks to its special surface treatment. These frames are built with care and attention to last a lifetime!



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